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Why dogs eat grass?

Every dog owner, at least once, has noticed their dogs eating grass.   But what are the reasons leading to this “abnormal” behavior? There are some theories by specialists and vets on why this happening. Some believe it is an inherited behavior. Others believe that it is a sign that dog’s diet doesn’t have enough fiber so dogs search an alternative way to fill their needs. Another common belief is that they suffer from stomach aches and by eating grass they vomit and the pain goes away.

For thousands of years, the ancestors of modern domestic dogs were running wild.  Dogs are scavenging for anything that could fulfill their diet. When they were hunting down a prey they would eat everything off the corpse including the plants which were in the stomach.  Scientists concluded that present dogs it is possible to have a subconscious need for plants and especially grass.

There are a lot of people that feeding their dogs with the food they prepare for themselves and as a result, the dog is not having a high fiber diet. As a result of this, the dogs search for an alternative way to complete their diet.

The most common belief is that dogs do it because they suffer stomach aches and that eating grass is a way to cause vomit and that it will feel relieved afterward.  But various studies found out that by all the dogs that eat grass, less than 25% vomits and of that percentage, a small group showed illness earlier.

But at the end of the day, our little fellas might eat plants just for the fun of it.  For them, it might taste good and, unless the plants are sprayed with dangerous pesticides and fertilizers, can’t harm them.

What you should do if you see your dog eating plants is not be scared of it.  You should contact your veterinarian who is the qualified person for your dog’s health and who will give you the proper advice.





Photo by Noel Lopez on Unsplash

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