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Small dog wearing a warm windproof jacket clothing
Red Waterproof Winter Coat dogs clothing US
Yorkshire  terrier dog wearing waterproof Coat USA
Waterproof Winter Coat dogs clothing US
Small dog wearing a wateproof/windproof jacket clothe US
 Brown Waterproof Winter Coat dog clothes US
Waterproof Winter Coat - FunnyPaws
puppy Dog coat clothes size chart US

Waterproof Winter Coat

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One of the top-selling Jacket! Have you ever found your self-taking your dog during a really cold and rainy night? Worrying about if your dog is going to get sick? Worry no more! This Waterproof Dog jacket is the perfect solution to protect your dog during cold and raining walks!!

As pet lovers and pet owners, we recommend to all pet lovers, buying pet clothes, during the cold seasons it can really keep your pet warm, especially if your pet has a thin or light fur!


  • Waterproof design to keep your dog dry!
  • Available in Red and Brown
  • Made by Leather, Fleece and Faux fur to keep your doggy warm!
  • Fits better on puppies and small dogs! 
  • Please check out the size chart to make sure that the size of the Jacket perfect for your dog! We want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible!

Note: Please allow 7-20 working days for the delivery of your item depending on your location. Thank you.


The correct way to measure your pet's size, dog or cat, for new clothes is as shown in the image below!

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