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About Us

Hey there and welcome to FunnyPaws.

A place to shop on all dog products to spoil your fur baby!
But… the Dream just began!

We WANT to help satisfy your needs when you visit our store!
WE WANT, to build a Pet Community, where ALL dog lovers will come around and talk through our social media, share their ideas and suggestions to other dog owners!
MOST IMPORTANTLY, we believe in a bright future, so our DREAM is to use this Online Dog Store, to slowly, start investing in Pet Shelters, and to finally have the power to help all the Pet Shelters in this planet, by donating! We know, that this is the hardest goal when you are running an online Pet store, but it will remain our goal until we achieve it. Pet Shelters are one of the largest problems of pet lovers and hopefully, in a few years, we will be able to change that!

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Welcome on Board!

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